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Things You Should Learn Before Your Next Air Conditioning Installation Project

3 Main Types of Air Conditioner According to Its Function

There are a lot of things you can do in order to cool your house, but only a few of them are actually effective. You can use ceiling fans, by installing them in every room, and make sure they are facing the direction of the window. You can also install a ceiling fan on your roof, especially if you live in a sunny place. They’re quite effective, but as effective as they can be, they can’t compare to air conditioners. Of course, they can’t cool your house with the same efficiency, but they can be your second option if you don’t have enough electrical power. In this case, air conditioners are the highly recommended ones for you, especially in summer. Are you having a hard time choosing an air conditioner for your next air conditioning installation? There are quite a lot of things to consider, and that includes its price, reliability, and efficiency. However, you should also consider its function. That is actually a reliable way to narrow down your options. Here are the different types of air conditioners according to their function:

Residential Air Conditioner

This is a popular type of air conditioner for homes. It is usually installed in the living room and keeps the temperature comfortable. They are more expensive than other types. It is important to know that this is usually a central unit and works on one thermostat. This also has a compressor that is usually quite big. Some of them can even be quite noisy.

Window Air Conditioner

This is actually a small unit that has an AC around five or seven feet in the living room or bedroom. They are mostly used in the summer months which can help in keeping the temperature right. It has an inverter that allows it to be energy-efficient. However, they are not built to be as durable as their larger counterparts. They are also not meant to be used in areas that are prone to high humidity levels. They do not have any moving parts and are also not meant to be repaired.

Ductless Split System Air Conditioner

These can function as both residential and window AC. They can be installed within the walls of the house and are usually placed in the living room. They are ductless and have a compressor, condenser, and an inverter. They are usually quite efficient, but the installation process is rather complex. They are also not meant to be used in areas that are prone to high humidity levels.

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